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Fat Grafting (Fat Transfer)

Fat Transfer to The Face
(also known as Fat Injection of Fat Grafting)

Fat Transfer to the Face is a wonderful technique that has been perfected over the years. The modern method of fat transfer allows for more predictable results and quicker recovery. Dr. Ackerman has been performing fat transfer to the face for over 20 years, constantly perfecting and refining his technique. This procedure restore the youthful appearance of the face in a more natural fashion.

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This procedure is usually done without any need for general anesthesia, only utilizing local anesthesia with some sedation. Typically some fat is removed from the abdominal area or from the love handle area. After appropriate processing this fat it is immediately transferred to the face. Dr. Ackerman has perfected his technique of Fat Transfer with the use of PRP. PRP (platelets rich plasma) is obtained form the patient’s own blood. This approach, together with Dr. Ackerman’s meticulous technique, results in a predictable, lasting and natural results.

Fat Transfer is used to correct sign of aging in the cheeks, around the eyes and the jaw area. On occasion Fat Transfer can be combined with Laser Skin Resurfacing or some other facial rejuvenation surgery. Typically there is only minimal bruising and swelling. Most patients can return to work in 4-5 days.