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Male Facelift and Male Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Ackerman is an expert in male facelift surgery. Amongst his patients are doctors, lawyers, CEO’s and many men with very public lives. It takes artistic sensibility, precise surgical skills and excellent track record to achieve a successful male facelift. Male facial tissue possesses certain quality that requires specific surgical approach in order to achieve a successful result. Please call our office to learn more about the consultation process and learn more about our approach to achieve accelerated healing after a facelift surgery.

Facelift surgery requires certain specific surgical maneuvers to achieve a dramatic and yet natural result. Unlike in women, in male patients one can not rely on long hair or make up to hide results of facelift surgery. Furthermore, a facelift in men should retain certain male characteristic and not feminize the face. It takes talented and experienced surgeon to create male facelift result with essentially un-detectable scars and no tell tale signs of surgery. Male facelift can correct neck looseness, jowls and cheek aging in a combined procedure, or as an isolated targeted surgery.