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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breast using implants filled with silicone gel or saline, a salt-water solution. Breast implants are inserted behind each breast, either above or below the muscle, depending on the particular patient. Women choose to have breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons. Some women wish to enhance their body contour because they feel that their breasts are too small. Other women seek to correct a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy and nursing, or to balance a difference in breast size. The results of breast augmentation can be subtle or dramatic, and depend on a patient’s personal preferences. For many of Dr. Ackerman’s patients, the results of breast augmentation surgery are satisfying and exhilarating.
What to Expect


There are a number of breast augmentation techniques available today and each surgeon has his own that he favors.  Dr Ackerman will carefully go over the technique that would be most suited for your situation;

Breast Augmentation Techniques

When it comes to breast augmentation in Newport Beach you will find some of the best plastic surgeons in the United States and the most advanced surgical centers available. Breast implant surgery in Newport Beach is one of  the most common cosmetic surgeries opted for by women. If you are consulting with cosmetic surgeons in Newport Beach for breast augmentations you will likely discover there are a number of breast augmentation techniques used by surgeons today.

There are four breast augmentation techniques that are popular all around the world.   The specific technique of breast augmentation that would be ideal for you would depend on your personal preference. Sure each surgeon may advise what is good and what is not, also every technique has its advantages and disadvantages but it is you who has to decide which is best for you.

Inframammary Breast Augmentation Newport Beach

As the name implies, this technique employs insertion of the breast implants under the breast. Inframmary breast augmentation in Newport Beach is the most common technique that women love to opt for. That is primarily because there are no visible scars or marks. Milk production is not affected at all unless the breast implants are placed on top of the muscles and there is absolutely no glandular or nerve damage. The breast implants are conveniently placed through an incision made under the breast, wherein the breasts meet the chest wall and naturally, scarring and such problems do not exist.

Transaxillary Breast Augmentation Newport Beach

As the name implies, this technique of breast augmentation at Newport Beach clinics would require the surgeon to make an incision under the arm and the implants are placed below the muscles. The incision is made exactly where the chest meets the arms or otherwise known as the pit area. Like the first technique, the incision is so minimal that there are no scars or any other side effects.

Transumbilical Breast Augmentation Newport Beach

This technique requires an incision at the navel. Unless you absolutely want to, this is not a very advisable technique simply because of the distance the implants need to be traversed for the placement.

Periareolar Breast Augmentation Newport Beach

This is one of the easiest breast augmentation techniques wherein the breast implants are placed making an incision in the areola region. A convenient technique for breast implants at Newport Beach.