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O.C. Register – Face Lift
Dr. Ackerman describes his Fast Track Facelift technique for dramatic results in facelifts

The Ackerman Areola Marker
Dr. Ackerman designed a device for pre-operative markings for an innovative technique for breast lift and breast reduction. This device is manufactured by Padget Instruments, Inc.

Beverly Hills 213 – The Changing Face of Cosmetic Surgery
An article featuring Dr. Ackerman’s contribution to the field of cosmetic surgery.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
An article describing the Ackerman Areola Marker and its use in breast surgery.

Plastic Surgery Products
Dr. Ackerman describes his technique for breast lift and breast reduction surgery.

Aesthetic Trends and Technologies
With the benefits of modern plastic surgery, motherhood can look more beautiful than ever.

Aesthetic Trends and Technologies
The top three procedures among patients. Doctor Ackerman notices a growing trend in patients requesting facelifts and body lifts.

Health News Digest
Dr. Ackerman describes different techniques of breast reconstruction.

Did Madonna get work done?

Life and Style
At 38, A-list actress Nicole Kidman is still practically flawless. But are her Oscar-winning looks all natural?

One in four women would consider cosmetic surgery to boost her career.

The National Enquirer
Crystal Upshaw spent $25,000 to look like Britney Spears.

Skin Deep
Contrary to popular belief, a tight face is not synonymous with a young face.

Plastic Surgery Products
Total thigh lift of the buttocks crease.

Skin Deep
The art of sculpting the nose.

Skin Deep
An attractive appearing upper arm signifies youth, fitness and vigor.

Skin Deep
Thermage – The no down time tissue tightener

American Fitness
Body Dysmorphic Disorder – Discover the dangers associated with this unhealthy behavior

New Beauty Magazine – Face Lift in Younger Women
Dr. Ackerman explains his approach to face lifts in women in their 40’s. How to achieve a beautiful and natural results.